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Everyone experiences anxiety at some point - anxiety over life transitions, public speaking, changes, shifts in beliefs or meaning, being in a situation with too much or too little stimuli.  Anxiety can present in various ways and feel mild or quite distressing.  We often develop strategies to deal with our presentation and organization of anxiety. 


At times, these strategies can become unhelpful or ineffective. 


Therapy can help.

Therapy works to explore, in a safe, accepting, welcome environment, the origins of anxiety, the way anxious feelings and behaviours have come to play a role in your life, how you may have developed coping strategies that may have helped you in the past but are no longer working for you. 


Investigating anxiety through a somatic and mindful lens provides options for self-regulation and responding, and allows the therapist and client to process previous experiences which may be contributing to the maintenance of anxiety.   Therapy works to improve self-awareness, self-talk, self-concept, and mood.  


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