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Perinatal Mood Disorder

Reproductive Psychological Health and Wellness refers to the psychological well-being related to reproductive processes and issues.  Women, Men, and Partners may suffer psychological distress as it relates to these issues.  Reproductive mental health and psychological well-being can improve with therapy.  

Any individual may experience Psychological strain, stress, and distress in dealing with the following challenges: Fertility and Conception Concerns; Perinatal (antenatal and/or postpartum) Anxiety, Depression, OCD; Parenting Preterm, Birth Trauma; Perinatal Loss; Pregnancy After Loss; Reproductive Related Pain; Menopause; Andropause; Medical Issues & Surgery related to Reproduction.

The therapeutic relationship cultivates a deep and enduring curiosity and self-compassion for one's own personal journey, provides appropriate and accurate psychoeducation, and helps curate the conditions for healing.  Reproductive Psychological Health and Well-being is a unique area of mental health and clients benefit form a gentle, empathic, accepting environment with deepened education, awareness, understanding, and experience in the areas specific to reproductive psychological health.  

Clients or Clinicians are Welcome to Call for consultation. 780.222.4616 

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