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Anxiety, Attachment, Trauma, and Reproductive Psychological Health.


Welcome, I am a Registered Psychologist and a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist with an integrative, somatic-focused, client-centered and collaborative approach. 

How does Sensorimotor Psychotherapy help? This is a therapy which connects traditional psychotherapy with somatic-oriented therapies to investigate the ways in which sensory communication from our body about our environment informs and impacts our functioning. This therapy focuses on mind-body-spirit holism.

Our present moment, our past moments, and our predictions about future moments, are wonderfully organized by our body and mind. Cognition (thoughts and thinking styles), Affect (emotions/feelings), Behaviour (conscious and non-conscious), and the Body (sensations and impulses, and 5-sense perception) culminate and reciprocate as core organizers of our moment to moment lived experience.


Our history has shaped and informed the way we carry ourselves; the way we respond into relationship with others; the way in which we are sensitive to real or perceived threat, and the development and maintenance of our core-beliefs about ourselves, our assessment of the world around us, and our place in it. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy considers engaging the body and utilizing the body’s intelligence as imperative in reshaping this sense of self, and our experiences and engagement in our complex and relational world. 

SP is primarily a therapy for trauma, but a client does not have to have experienced trauma to benefit from exploring their experience somatically.  

Over the life-span, our mind-body organizes through environmental, relational, and sensory stimuli to create messages and meaning.  ​SP therapy invites and integrates the role of the whole self so that meaning, history, reactions, and responses can be explored for change.


SP therapy uses a principled approach and a collaborative and attuned relationship between therapist and client.



My hope is that sessions help a client to explore, to change, improve, transform, to heal, develop a deep and enduring curiosity and compassion for one's own personal journey and the journeys of others. 


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Bridge into the Woods

Where to arrive for your appointment:
The Kalin Centre
Suite 204,
7609 - 109 street, Edmonton, AB. T5G 1C3

Underground Parking Available

Please note:

Clearance Signage states: 6'6"

If you require emergency intervention, call 9-1-1 or the Edmonton Mobile Response Team: 780-342-7777.

If you feel this is not an emergency but you feel in crisis and need someone to speak with immediately, call The Support Network's Crisis and Distress Line at 780-482-4357.  


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