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Dementia-Related Caregiving Stress

Caring for a loved one with dementia can evoke a multitude of challenging emotions for caregivers, especially if there was a pre-existing difficult relationship between them and the person living with dementia (PLwD).


Feelings of isolation, frustration, guilt, fatigue, and overwhelm are common, exacerbating the strain on caregivers' psychological and social well-being.


Psychological therapy offers a crucial avenue for self-care, providing a supportive space to explore and process these complex emotions.


Somatic therapy, such as sensorimotor psychotherapy (SP), uniquely addresses the regulation of strong implicit feelings inherent in caregiving, as well as unresolved emotions stemming from past interactions with the PLwD.


SP also tackles self-limiting beliefs that can arise, fostering empowerment and resilience. Moreover, engaging with a therapist trained in the nuances of dementia care enables caregivers to navigate communication changes, assess needs effectively, and prioritize relational connection over tasks, fostering a healthier care-partner-PLwD dynamic.

Positive Approach to Care (PAC) Consultant
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